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Our well-trained, knowledgeable staff offers classes
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Schedule Lessons

Hosford Swim School swimming lessons run in two week sessions, Monday through Thursday for one hour each day and will be offering lessons at two locations (Killearn Country Club and Capital City Country Club) for the following session dates and times…

  • Session 1: May 3 – 13, 2021 (4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 2: May 17 – 27, 2021 (8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 3: June 7 – 17, 2021 (8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 4: June 21 – July 1, 2021 (8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 5: July 12 – 22, 2021 (8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 6: July 26 – August 5, 2021 (8:30AM, 9:30AM, 10:30AM, 4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)

* Available at Killearn Country Club and Capital City Country Club Sessions 1 – 6

  • Session 7: August 23 – September 3, 2021 (4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 8: September 6 – 16, 2021 (4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
  • Session 9: September 20 – 30, 2021 (4:30PM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM)
    * Available at Killearn Country Club only for Sessions 7 – 9

Skill Levels

Beginners: (Ages 2+) Even though the prime age to learn to swim is 3 years old, we like to start them at 2 years old. At this age we teach more of a survival skills than swimming.  Depending on the age and the motor skills of the swimmer, this level of swimming will differ to each child.

If this is your child’s first time taking swimming lessons it may be harder for you than your swimmer. Getting a child acclimated to the instructor and to the water is a battle on its own. The first few days are a little hectic if they hate the water, but by the end of the week you should already see a big change. The Second week is a whole lot smoother than the first week, so please be patient with us. Some kids take a little longer than others so please be patient with your child as well.

We ask that parents do not sit on the side of the pool while their child is with the instructor. This is very distracting to your child and to the instructor. If your child is upset and crying we found that out of sight out of mind works best in this situation.

Intermediate: This class is for mediocre swimmers who need to work on their stroke and breathing to the side. If you are thinking about joining a swim team this class will help you get ready.

Advanced: This class is for swimmers who want to become a better swimmer all around. If you are training for a triathlon or just want to get into good swimming shape this class is for you.

What to Bring

Bathing Suit

Please do not change your kid on the pool deck.


We like for every kid to wear goggles. We will have extra just in case.


Please bring two towels with you.

Swim Diaper

Please do not put your kid in a regular diaper.


1 Child


2 Children


Per Child (Siblings Only)

3+ Children


Per Child (Siblings Only)

Killearn/Capital City Country Club Member Rate


Per Child

Private Group Lessons

Thank you for choosing Hosford Swim School! Registration for Private Group Lessons is now open. Please use the link below to complete your request. We will be in touch within 2 business days to complete your registration!

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to visit our Facebook or Instagram pages, call (850) 296-8399 or email us at

We look forward to seeing you soon!

About Us

Malcolm Hosford

Pool/Aquatic Director

Head Instructor and Pool/ Aquatic Director, Malcolm Hosford, has over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience. He is a High School and NCAA All-American and a Two Time Olympic Trial Qualifier.